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Browse Data Cards

Custom Data Cards For Targeted Markets

Get access to 16M+ business profiles, company database, and contact details of corporate leaders and decision-making executives. The marketing data cards we offer have data profiles from over 750+ fields, helping you target the core audience persona.

The OriginLists B2B data cards help you contact with the relevant prospects globally. This method of interaction creates easier and faster in making successful business connections that last for long. Accelerate your marketing efforts with our human + AI verified datab

Custom Data Cards For Targeted Markets - OriginLists

Contact Intent Buyers and Close Deals With Excellence Data

Buy our customized data cards, which help you reach the market geographically. The location-based data covers regions like the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, Middle East and much more. With our data cards outreach to targeted markets through sales-driven campaigns. Excellent opportunity to boost both sales and profits.

Industry Wise Email List

Healthcare Email List

Technology Users Email List

There is a huge collection which accounts for over 1.7B + of data from distinct sectors like health, technology, real estate, manufacturing, retail and more. Get our data cards today to maximize your sales rate ROI at an exponential rate.

Focused Campaigns With Quality Databases - OriginLists
Turbocharge B2B Result-Focused Campaigns With Quality Databases

The expert data team at OriginLists has been working for years with top companies and businesses of all sizes across the world by offering completely target-driven data for an effective B2B lead nurturing and prospecting.

The database is built by gathering the contacts from credible sources such as business directories, public records, genuine websites, webinars, seminars, conferences, events, feedbacks and much more.

The data is segmented based on various factors like location, industry, business type, employee size, job title, firmographics, technographics, SIC/NAICS code, state, country, and many more. This type segmentation can make it easy to connect with the right markets.

Buying our Customer-centric Database has Benefits like:

  1. Laser-Focused Reach to Targeted Markets
  2. Enhance your Mailbox Placement Rate
  3. Clean & Verified Data for your Multi-channel Campaigns Needs
  4. Get Latest Contact Details of Potential Prospects
  5. Customized database as per your Business Needs
  6. Every 30-45 days and Pre-delivery Verification to avoid Data Errors

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We update our database every 30-45 days to ensure high accuracy and relevance.

Our expert team collects data from credible sources such as business directories, public records, conference, events, feedback forms and much more.

We have over 1.7B + data from a wide variety of industries. Contact our customer support representative to get a latest and verified contact profiles

The data we offer strictly comply with GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM and Anti-Spam Act. You can reach out to your targeted markets without being spammed.

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