Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of use - OriginLists

Rules And Regulations

OriginLists aligns with all relevant state, federal, and international laws (GDPR) that are applicable to data privacy and utility purposes. Currently, we are adapting some of the best practices in the industry and following certain procedures for the benefit of b2b clients.

We have mentioned a few policies and processes below for users:

1. Terms of Ownership

This Website and all its parts which include, but are not limited to – all source code, text, content, and images or videos are owned and copyrighted by OriginLists or its subsidiary websites. The Web Content that represents a trademark, logo, or service mark is also a registered media of OriginLists. Any kind of content usage or copy is strictly prohibited under this terms of usage with an exception of allowance to the content utility allowed for the third parties or clients.

2. Data Compilation Procedure

2.1. OriginLists comprises different data elements for businesses, consumers and has certain user specifications. The information is extracted from genuine sources (Sec. 1.2) after careful consideration of credibility. We provide strong priority to our responsibility of maintaining the preciseness and accurateness of all the required information. 

2.2. Here are some of the details of the credible resources where our B2b database is sourced:

  • Government records, 
  • Directories 
  • Semi Annual Reports 
  • Articles 
  • Email Campaigns
  • Trade Show attendee lists
  • Public Record Information
  • Registration process for subscription sites
  • Postings
  • Nationwide utility transaction reports
  • Transactional data

2.3 We collect information about our site from other reputed websites and resources that are checked on a timely basis. In many cases, we might require certain details from our clients. Visitors are requested to fill in their authentic information and contact number as applicable.

2.4. To help us improve, users must furnish us with genuine details.

3. Disclosure of User Data

3.1. OriginLists asserts complete proprietorship over the information collected on this domain (https://www.OriginLists.com) or its subsidiary web sites. The information is gathered from putative resources as stated above (Sec. 1.2). These data are strictly confidential, and we don’t divulge them to any third parties or any other website unless and until:

  • We need to offer our services
  • We are permitted by the user
  • We are legally entitled to so

Please read the following in detail:

3.2. Usage of Personal Data

3.2.1. We process our subject data intending to claim our “legitimate interests”.Please find the necessary points mentioned:

3.2.2. The data and content provided are based on the utility depending on the sole use of user intent.

3.2.3. OriginLists considers its prime responsibility in updating its clients through various means (email and calls). Here are some of our common channels of communication:

Service Messages: Provided to clients in response to any general or company-related inquiry. Examples include messages, routines, and alerts.

Marketing and Sales Communications: Followed to promote marketing materials and guide clients on the same basis.

We consider conducting surveys as a prime responsibility of OriginLists, to understand the marketing needs and serve our clients better in a better way.

3.2.4. We do not intend to utilize any kind of data to engage in the automated decision-making process on behalf of our clients.

3.3. Sharing Personal Data

3.3.1. We share user data with:

  • Our legal affiliates (those who are under jurisdiction) within reasonable limits, to properly deliver our Services.
  • Third Parties – business partners, vendors, and contractors, for the performance.

3.4. Under special consideration or situation, we reserve all the rights to disclose your data to other third parties under the following situations (extension of limitation):

  • Any business asset transaction (sale or purchase)
  • Business acquisition by a third party.

3.4.1. We are in charge of complete contractual and operational safety measures at the time of third-party operations.

3.5. Subject Rights for Data Safety

3.5.1. Under special rights of data safety and protection, users are allowed especially to:

  • Gain access to their data and demand a machine-readable copy.
  • Request for the same to be changed in terms of format(delete, block)
  • Rescind their assent to process their data 
  • To claim any of the rights written above, please email us at sales@OriginLists.com or write to us at the following address: PO Box 473,Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852, United States.

3.5.2. Opt-out Policy:

Following data subject rights (Sec. 2.4.1) as applicable per region. Upon your request, OriginLists will:

  • Take necessary measures to remove subscribers from the subscriber list or those who choose to “opt-out” of further promotional emails and notifications.
  • Initiate the process of deleting the subscriber/client reasonable efforts from the client list.
  • Users or clients must recall the fact that every detail in our database cannot be deleted. This complies with legal audits and financial reporting reasons which we are obliged to participate in.

3.5.3. In case any user who finds any kind of breaches or violations related to any other data-related issues, they are free to lodge their complaints under the legal jurisdictions.

3.5.4. We retain the necessary user data for as long as it is necessary. All data is maintained in an anonymous format until the user decides to stop using the service.

3.5.5. The user is entitled to a copy of all necessary data in case it is requested. Additionally, we follow the necessary standards to avoid any further violations and to keep a record of the transferred details.

4. Data Security & Confidentiality Clauses

At OriginLists, we consider it as our duty to maintain high importance and need to protect your privacy, at every step of processing or storing your personal information across our databases. We have all the resources and team required to maintain the data security for a reasonable amount of time period. We encrypt the data of our clients with the latest technology.

4.1. OriginLists ensures that all customer data remains under the sole proprietorship of the respective clients. We are careful not to involve our eCommerce related conversions or messages or discussion with the clients in any kind of transaction. OriginLists provides an SSL encryption, password-protected mechanism for viewing and extracting customer data.

4.2. We provide authorization to the third-party operators to process the credit card information of users in case of any emergency. This intermediate channel is allowed to process the information but they are nowhere allowed to retain any kind of client data except for the requirement of work demanded by the company.

5. Cookies & Tracking Technologies Used by OriginLists

5.1. Does OriginLists use cookies?

Yes, like most websites, OriginLists utilizes cookies to enhance the user experience on its site. Cookies assist us to track the behavioral note of our viewers. Additionally, it helps us filter irrelevant content from the site on a timely basis and to replace them with good, useful content for our viewers.

5.2. OriginLists Tracking Technology

OriginLists utilizes single-pixel gif images to count web page accesses while gathering common statistical parameters (for instance – an open email). The information gathered is combined with the users’ unique personally identifiable information to present various offers and possibilities to improve the site’s content. This kind of profile is tailor-made to align with the user’s experience across the entire website and to channelize the necessary marketing campaigns to the clients.

6. Third-party Site Links Of the Company

OriginLists’s website or messages may contain third-party links or redirecting links. We would like to bring it under the users’ notice that our company is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of third-party websites. We allow third parties who are currently in association with us to collect information about site visitors when they click on ads or view any kind of other communication that is related to OriginLists.

In addition, we do not encourage any kind of endorsement for the third party website. We are not liable to accept any information leakage at any of the sites linked to/from this directory, and therefore we advise you to be in charge of the entire information provided from your end to the third party.

7. Prevention of Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM)

  • OriginLists is committed to grant permission for email marketing and communications. To the end, we adhere to a strict internationally claimed anti-spam policy.
  • Our clients are expressly forbidden from sending unwanted messages to receivers who do not consent to receive communications from them.
  • Our services may only be used for lawful purposes and do not violate or intervene against any social, local, national, state, federal and international terms and policies.
  • These policies are a measure taken towards our broader mission of creating a separate section of acceptable policies by clients. Violation of this particular policy will lead to immediate termination of all access to OriginLists’s applications, servers, and network.

8. Refund Policy

OriginLists claims a non-refund once the Databases are purchased, opened or downloaded. The intangible data sales are final, one OriginLists receives the orders, processes your contact information, and prepares the purchase contract. OriginLists strictly takes this action to protect the integrity and privacy of the databases. Please note that the data once sold lies under the sole discretion of the client.

9. Restrictions

No user is encouraged to use any kind of promotional material or database without the permission of OriginLists. Rather than advertising, you may only utilise the services for personal or business objectives.

All of these terms lie in compliance with the U.S. CAN-SPAM ACT 2003 & Canadian Anti-spam Legislation.

10. OriginLists’s Campaign Content (Emails)

Email campaign content sent through our communication channels is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with local, state, national, federal, and/or international laws. To keep track of the content of sent emails, we use software and content-based algorithms. All users who utilize our Services benefit from this filtering. Further, it ensures high-quality deliverability and reduces bounce time.

11. Important Information related to changes in Privacy policy

OriginLists has the right to change any clause in the privacy policy without prior notice.

We reserve our rights to bring necessary changes across the terms and conditions whenever required.

Therefore, we encourage you to visit this page periodically or when you notice any changes on our website.

We appreciate our customers and provide them with information related to the website. Any changes in the policy shall be notified to the clients from time to time.

Using our website, you agree and accept – without any limitation or qualification – to adhere to the above Privacy Policy statement