Fax Appending

Fax Appending

Even though the world has shifted towards paperless, more advanced digital systems, some small and medium businesses (SMBs) use faxes for communication. Fax – short for facsimile, is used to send promotional mail directly to the prospects. Over 46% of small businesses and public offices in the United States use faxes to contact customers daily.

Fax Appending refers to adding the latest and valid fax numbers to the existing customer database and matching them to the vendor’s master data repository. Apart from appending fax numbers, we also offer data appending, email appending, and phone appending services for businesses and companies for their successful multi-channel marketing. It is valuable for marketing teams to send infographics and promotional materials to the targeted audiences.

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How Does Our Fax Appending Work?

OriginLists’ expert data engineers, work in together in updating fax details by following stages

Unbeaten Prices - OriginLists

We add accurate and correct fax numbers and details at affordable prices

marketing manager - OriginLists

We match your data with our master datasets to enhance accuracy with details

highest industry standards - OriginLists

We find errors and duplicates and replace them with clean and correct fax details.

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The fully compiled data is delivered to clients after a 7-tier verification process

Why should you select OriginLists Fax Appending Services?

OriginLists has been in the database industry for over 16+ years, providing quality email lists for businesses from various sectors. Our expert team of data miners and specialists combines proprietary software and human interventions to verify and compile the contacts for their in-house master data repository.

The professionals use the master data files to match the records of existing customer datasets while fax appending. This process ensures accurate and clean fax details to target relevant markets. Our fax appending services offer huge benefits at a reasonable price to your businesses, such as:

  1. Reach out to targeted niche audience
  2. Increased campaign deliverability and response rates
  3. Expand your database with active fax numbers
  4. Sales-ready leads for faster conversions than ever
  5. Land in your prospect’s mailboxes with a high deliverability ratio
  6. Get verified opt-in global data for business expansion
Outshine your Competitors with our Fax Appending Service

For years, OriginLists has helped SMBs and major enterprises overcome lead scoring, competition displacement, and sales margins using extremely responsive data and appending services. Contact us at sales@originlists.com for fax appending, email list purchasing, request free sample lists, or consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fax Appending is a process to replacing the inactive and outdated fax numbers in the existing customers database with the most latest and active one for an effortless campaigns

Yes, absolutely. We do offer the latest fax append data for businesses for a successful result-driven campaigns

According to the industry standards, we updated our database for every 30-45 days to ensure its accuracy and reduce bounce rates.

Yes of course, why not? Once you purchase data from us you can use it multiple times for your lead prospecting.


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