List Building

List Building

List Building

A list building service defines a process of creating a list of contacts or account data of potential prospects across the industry. A B2B list offers you the necessary information of your targeted demographics to build a strong business connection. OriginLists is one of the top B2B email leads providing companies in the United States, from the past 16+ years known for offering data and marketing solutions for big companies and SMBs to effectively execute their B2B lead prospecting and result-driven campaigns.

For B2B vendors and firms, finding genuine contacts and account based data shouldn’t cost a fortune. By partnering with OriginLists you can get top-notch quality list building services at an affordable price for your sales and marketing efforts.

List building services for sales-oriented campaign needs

  • 100% genuine contacts
  • Supports multi-channel campaigns
  • Quarterly verified leads via calls
  • CRM friendly data
  • Validated before supply
List Building

Fuel Your Campaigns Effort With Custom List Building Services

Target your core audience personas with minimal efforts. Improve your sales-targeted marketing campaigns, by using our B2B email lists, built from scratch. Our custom list building services offers you:

Reach Niche Prospects

Our data research team has built a targeted email lists, which helps you engage with relevant B2B buyers

100% secured data

The database created from our list building services are highly verified and adheres to strict data compliant policies.

Verified by SMTP

The lists are undergone by serious and valid data verification to avoid spam and bounce back rates while using it.

Guaranteed Replacement

We are one of the very few data vendors, who offers a ‘return’ data replacement assurance

Why is List Building Important?

The main reason why every executives, decision-makers should consider email marketing list building service is that list building helps you to create a list of prospects or potential clients who are very much interested in what you offer. This helps you customize your promotional mail which will definitely land on your prospects mailboxes.

At OriginLists, we design each and every account database based on your business requirements. Our database list building services are offered by your desired prospects, industries and data-driven insights in the formats of your choice.

We cover 750+ industries with our 107M+ business records, to increase prospect communication with quality input.

OL - List Building
How Does our Email List Building Services Help Your Business?

OriginLists email list building services helps your business needs such as:

  • Reaching out the intended core buyers
  • Getting access to verified prospects contacts
  • Enhancing your campaigns approach by laser-focused targeting
  • By placing your emails & messages to right prospects mailboxes
  • By reducing the cost of acquiring new clients

Each user added to your lists represents a potential customer. Rest assured, our expert data team meticulously verifies and cleanses these prospects, streamlining the process of growing your business and saving you precious time. Plus, we’re ready to offer complimentary sample list-building services upon request.

Using proprietary software is incredibly beneficial for the creation and upkeep of B2B mailing lists. In a world where spam is universally disliked, it’s paramount to utilize cutting-edge technologies from a reputable source. At OriginLists, our commitment is to ensure that every email on your list has been obtained through legitimate, permission-based means.

How Does OriginLists B2B List Building Services Work?

At OriginLists, we diligently gather contact information and email addresses of potential prospects from reputable and authentic sources, including public records, directories, events, conferences, webinars, feedback forms, and more.

One effective method we employ involves embedding forms on web pages and leveraging list-building software to meticulously track individuals who complete these forms.

A critical software component for this process is the auto-reply bot. At OriginLists, we prioritize using well-established and reputable auto responders, opting for the contact database of larger, more established companies.

Our commitment to utilizing these tools ensures true automation in the collection of prospect contacts, allowing us to maintain the highest standards in compiling valuable B2B email lists.

Have Any Questions in Mind


A B2B list building is a process of creating a database of prospects ( usually email addresses, contact numbers and company address) with high buying probability from various reliable & genuine resources for better B2B lead prospecting.

Yes we do, We offer customized list building services based on your business requirements.

We source B2B leads from trusted and credible sources like public records, directories, online websites, forms, events, conferences, linkedins and other social media channels.

Our B2B email lists is very up-to-date, as we update our database for every 30-45 days to ensure its +95% accuracy rate

Yes, we offer replacement of B2B contacts in case of hard bounce more than 10% with no extra cost.

A prospect list building is simply a process of gathering the contact details ( email addresses, phone numbers, company websites, etc) for successful B2B lead prospecting

No, once you buy leads from us, you can use it multiple times for prospecting your targeted buyers.


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