Data Verification

Data Verification

Enhance Data Value Through an Advanced Data Verification Process

The word ‘data’ is now like head honcho for businesses that rely on making informed decisions. When data becomes old and outdated over time, it results in difficult to reach relevant prospects for your sales and marketing team. That is where our data verification process comes into play.

OriginLists being one of the leading database companies in the United States, offers the data verification service to improve the value of your customers profiles and database. This helps you to build an effective business relationship with the prospects who are interested in what you offer. Fuel your sales-driven campaigns with our data verification service

Data Verification Services We Offer:

  • Email Verification
  • Tele Verification
  • Social Verification

At OriginList, our team of experts invest hours in verifying and compiling data for various companies. Our in-house data team offers verifications of prospects email, phone/fax numbers, social media profiles and much more. We work for numerous organizations from a variety of industries like healthcare, tech, real estate, manufacturing, retail, etc.

How do OriginLists Perform Data Verification?

Our data verification process undergoes several steps, which are:

  • Collects data from over 15K+ data sources like online directories, repositories, events, forms, etc
  • Our team of data engineers verifies and validates the data via online mode
  • We filter emails by using ListClean, SMTP, InboxReady etc and remove errors and duplicates
  • Verified emails are sent to check with master datasets to remove the black lists and hard bounces
  • The names and locations of prospects in the database are confirmed through telecalls

Why Choose our Data Verification Services?

OriginList has been offering data verification, data cleansing and data management services for decades to B2B companies. We provide top-notch service to our clients. Here are the benefits you get by partnering with us:

  • Latest contacts of intent buyers
  • NCOA-processed prospect data
  • Reach audience within budget
  • Increased lead & sales volumes
  • Compliant data for effective campaigns

If you’re seeking for data verification, profiling, cleansing or any other data related services. Contact our experts at (732) 619-2390 or mail us at for one-on-one consultation and get a free-sample of our database lists. Increase the value of your data & elevate your marketing ROI with our data verification services.

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