Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Scaleup your Business Profits with our Data Profiling

There is no doubt that data is a must for any B2B marketing. Whether it’s a multi-dollar organization or a small startup, data forms the foundation and basic premise to attain customers. Inaccurate and outdated data wastes time, money, and campaign efforts.

That’s why most of the CEOs, executives and directors look for an alternative to cope with their company’s data. Adding steps such as data profiling to your B2B marketing campaign can turn out to be highly beneficial for you. It is an effective process involving combining customer data across businesses to scale, automate, and personalize customer communication.

What is Data Profiling?

Data profiling is a systematic process of examining, analyzing, and summarizing the characteristics and quality of prospects data in a dataset or database. It involves the thorough examination of data to gain a better understanding of its structure, data types, and overall quality.

How does OriginLists Data Profiling works?

A dedicated team of engineers, scientists and experts at OriginLists, works together building, enhancing, cleansing and profiling data for your business. Here how our data profiling process works:

  • Collect metadata about the dataset, including data source, format, etc
  • It is regularly verified, cleansed and removed missing contacts and errors
  • Thoroughly analyze the digital pattern to improve & update your customer profiles
  • Lastly we add intent insights to the contact to increase the value of your prospects profile

Why is Data Profiling Important?

OriginLists accurate and qualified data helps minimize costs, scale your business and improve conversion rates. Our qualitative research and comprehensive database segmentation allow your business to build personalized and targeted marketing communication.

Some of the benefits of our Data Profiling Services:

  • Targeted Prospects: Reach your niche based audience with clear data profiles
  • Insight-Driven: Access to valuable client profiles to customize your promotional mail
  • Maximum Accuracy: Data which is verified by AI and manual intervention to ensure its accuracy rate.
  • Reduced Cost: Cost-effective way to contact B2B buyers with high purchasing signal
  • Qualified Data: Increases the value & quality of data for an efficient lead nurturing.
  • Improved Sales: With quality data get quality lead volumes which is more sales & ROI

Not convinced yet? Get in touch with us if you have queries about our data profiling services, data appending services, etc or would like any help buying a database. You can reach us at to discuss your needs, get free sample lists or consultation, or ask for a data service. Establish a business relation with your core audience using our data profiling services.

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