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Sofia Martin | Testimonial
Software-driven Business Achieves A Flood Of Quality Leads From Diverse Channels

Our organization provides simple payment options to businesses worldwide. We targeted qualified B2B niche audiences via multi-channel marketing. Thanks to OriginLists for delivering a clean and verified database at an affordable price.

Sofia Martin | New Jersey NJ, USA
John Williams | Testimonial
Australian IT Company Connects With Top It Experts With Our High Responsive Leads

We are an Australian company seeking IT specialists, developers, and techies for our projects. OriginLists offered verified leads. We are able to identify millions of qualified professionals worldwide using their database.

John Williams | California CA, United States
Maria Michelle | Testimonial
An Edu-Tech Business, Saw Huge Sales After Using Our Email List Of Schools

Thanks to OriginLists database list, we were able to reach schools all over the United States and sell software solutions for student enrollment, payroll, monitoring of syllabuses, and attendance. Definitely value their help.

Maria Michelle | Ohio OH, United States
Nicklaus J Thomas | Testimonial
Medical Device Supplier Hits Huge Business With Targeted Health Prospects

We ship surgical equipment, devices and laser machines to hospitals worldwide. We had trouble reaching opportunities. Thanks to OriginLists hospital mailing list, we easily connected with professionals interested in our services.

Nicklaus J Thomas | New York NY, United States
Select Kane Smith | Testimonial
A Realtor-based Tech Firm Achieves Record-Breaking Sales-Ready Leads

Our company delivers cutting-edge technologies. Getting qualified B2B leads was hard for us. But OriginLists real estate email lists helped us reach targeted prospects and generate sales-ready leads. We are highly thankful to OriginLists.

Kane Smith | Texas TX, USA