Social Media Profile Appending

Social Media Profile Appending

Although it is impossible to definitively state which channel is superior, It is advisable to utilize multiple channels to communicate with your prospects. Even if you have sent promotional mail through direct mail and email to your clients, you cannot ignore their social media activity. Therefore it is crucial to consider social media appending services as a part of your marketing campaigns.

By using facebook, twitter, pinterest, and linkedIn you can engage with your core targeted audience with the message that screams about your products and offerings. To effectively reach your prospects, you need an accurate profile of them. That’s where most of the CEOs, CMOs step back. But with our Social Media Appending you shouldn’t have to step back.

Social Media Profile Appending

Multiple Appending Services for Social Media

At OriginLists, we offer appending services to various social media platforms, to receive latest contacts of customers for your social media campaigns need

Facebook Profile Append

Find active B2B prospects on Facebook and remove suspended or inactive accounts. To efficiently reach worldwide audience

Twitter Profile Append

We detect and remove inactive twitter accounts and add verified and active profiles of prospects for successful campaigns

Pinterest Profile Append

To effortlessly engage core B2B personas, we replace outdated and inactive pinterest profiles with new and active one

LinkedIn Profile Append

We replace suspended and outdated LinkedIn accounts with active profiles of prospects to boost your social media campaigns

Expand Business Reach with Social Media Append Database

OriginLists offers you access to the social media contacts of your target audience or can add social media contact data to your existing database. Our master database has over 75M+ social contacts from 65+ global industries and is updated regularly and compiled.

We are the only company in the database industry to provide clients with socially verified databases. Before delivering you with our Social Media Appending data, we verify its accuracy multiple times. Grow your business with our Social Media Profile Appending service.

Social media demands extensive understanding. Our social media appending services help marketers boost the reach of ad campaigns. Retargeting campaigns and simplifying sales can boost conversions. With our social profile appending, excel at your audience engagement.

Contact the Right audience with our Social Media Appending

For targeted advertising, OriginLists offers a segmented social media append list by region, job title, business size, industry type, SIC/NAICS code, country, zip code, sales volume, and more. You can contact us at for social media profile appending, email list purchase, request free sample lists, consultations, or data services.

How Does OriginLists Social Media Appending Services Benefit?

OriginLists from the past 16+ years working with SMBs and top global companies in lead nurturing, improve brand value and boost engagement, with our social media appending services, you find the following benefits:

  1. Get clean and verified database with active users
  2. Reach prospects with strong buying signals
  3. Updated contacts for high conversion rates
  4. Access to high lead scores and volumes
  5. Boost your delivery and response rate
  6. Improve Sales and network with global prospects
Social Media Appending Services Benefit
Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Appending is a process of detecting and removing the outdated and inactive social accounts and profiles of business prospects and replacing them with new and updated profiles to existing databases, to easily engage with targeted audiences via social media campaigns.

Yes, absolutely contact our expert consultants to get sample data of a particular field.

At OriginLists we update social media profiles for every 30-45 days to ensure its high accuracy.

Yes, why not? We replace the contacts with absolutely no additional costs in case of hard bounce more than 10%


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