Powerful Real Estate email marketing strategy – this one works!

Powerful Real Estate email marketing strategy – this one works!

Powerful Real Estate email marketing strategy – this one works!

We have a great strategy for you if you’re looking for a way to reach out to real estate investors and agents. Our Proven List Mailing Strategy is simple and effective. You can grow your business by building relationships with those who want what you have.

Strategy 1.

  1. The first step to building a real estate email list is to use a real estate email list builder. If you don’t have one, get started with our free tool. You can use a real estate email list builder to build your email list. Here are some of the best options:

Once you’ve built your subscriber database using the tool above, it’s time to start sending out emails!

  1. The next step: Creating content people want and sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so they can see what kind of deals are available in their area right now (or even give them advice on improving their marketing strategy).

Strategy 2.

  1. Send a monthly newsletter.
  2. Send a weekly email.
  3. Send a monthly email.
  4. Send a quarterly email (once every three months).
  5. Send an annual holiday greeting card to your real estate buyers, sellers, and investors that you’ve collected over time by sending them via snail mail or email in the months leading up to the holidays!

Strategy 3.

This is a great strategy to get your name out there. You can send out a monthly newsletter, which will include an article about what’s going on in the real estate market then, plus some tips and tricks on making more money as an agent.

You should also include a photo of your listing with some information about it (e.g., square footage). You could even mention each room’s price range or details, such as square footage and the number of bedrooms.

This newsletter must have an eye-catching title so people know what they are getting into when reading it! Plus, make sure it doesn’t take too long for people to receive these emails since most subscribers don’t have unlimited email accounts available at all times as other marketing strategies do.”

Strategy 4.

  1. Send a weekly email to your clients.
  2. Include a list of the week’s activities.
  3. Include a list of open houses and other events in your area.
  4. Please provide links to recent sales information for properties that have been sold recently in your area so that you can give them tips on what to do next time they’re looking for their dream home!

Strategy 5.

  1. Send out an email to your clients.
  2. Ask them to refer you to their friends and family, who could also be potential buyers.
  3. Offer a special deal for the first person they refer who buys a home from you! For example, if someone refers five people over the next 12 months and all five people purchase homes with you, we’ll give them double their referral fee (just like we do in Strategy #1). The goal is to get more people involved by giving them something extra in exchange for referring others interested in buying real estate from us at some point down the road.

Strategy 6.

We’ve seen that the best way to get new clients is through direct mail. But how do you make sure your clients respond? With an email survey, of course! Here’s our proven strategy for getting people who want to avoid buying from you back in touch so that they can find out what else might interest them.

  1. Send a survey to all of your current customers. It should include questions like “What kind of home would be right for me?” and “What do I need to know before buying?” The goal here is to nudge sales and increase customer satisfaction so they’ll tell others about their experience with you and send referrals down the road.
  2. Use the results from this first round of surveys as inspiration for future follow-up emails—specifically tailored ones based on specific demographic information about each client (i.e., age range). You could also use those responses as guidance when writing up new sales posts on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter!


These strategies can help you get started with your real estate mailing list. Try some of our other strategies too. But remember, the most important thing is to be consistent and patient. Your business might take a while to grow, but it will pay off in the long run!