Contact Appending

Contact Appending

Contact Appending is the practice of enriching your database with valuable business leads, which can encompass details like job titles, names, direct mail addresses, and direct dial numbers. We rigorously verify our B2B Contact Append data to ensure accuracy before delivering it to you.

The contact appending services add multiple contacts of key decision-makers of organizations. Using our contact append services you can perform well in this highly competitive market, drive qualified leads, and most importantly, win better ROI.

Contact Appending - OriginLists

How Does OriginLists Contact Appending Work?

The team of expert data engineers, put their work together in updating contacts by steps like

Deep Cleansing - OriginLists

Deep Cleansing

The database are cleansed by removing inactive and outdated contacts

Data Matching - OriginLists

Data Matching

The data are matched with our master data repository to improve accuracy

Opt-in - OriginLists


Update only opt-in and add missing contact details, addresses and numbers

Deliver - OriginLists


The contact append data, offers you guaranteed high delivery rate

Why should you use our Contact Appending Services - OriginLists

Why should you use our Contact Appending Services?

The data experts at OriginLists take the contacts from various trusted and genuine sources, after which it is carefully collated and verified both AI and manually to ensure maximum precision. We match your raw contacts with our in-house data to fill the missing details and update the obsolete with fresh ones.

Expand your reach globally with our highly responsive business contact database and earn better sales. With our contact appending services, you can find the following benefits:

  1. Expand Reach: Explore new market opportunities globally or within the same country with our contact appending services.
  2. Improved ROI: OriginLists appended data can help earn better sales and generate high revenue by targeting the right audience.
  3. Qualified Leads: After extensive research and evaluation, our highly skilled data professionals collate the data to drive the best results.
  4. Cost-Effective: Our contact append marketing list proves that effective and quality data does not need huge gold mines. You can get it at an affordable cost.
  5. Customer Retention: With our contact appending services, you can re-establish your relationship with existing clients or build new relationships with potential customers.
  6. High Engagement Rate: Our data is proven to provide a high engagement rate of up to 90% with your targeted prospects.
  7. Time-Saving: Our contact appending service saves time and connects you directly to your ideal customers.

Amplify the Quality Current Contact Database

OriginLists helps you reach out to reputed organizations within your niche market and run effective marketing campaigns with contact appending. Contact us at for queries regarding our contact appending services, help with purchasing our email list, to acquire free sample lists, and to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact appending is the practice of adding new business leads to an existing database of contacts. These new leads can include data such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

The team of qualified data specialists updates contacts and other information for every 30 to 45 days to ensure its accuracy.

Yes, ofcourse. In case of hard bounce for more than 10% we replace the contacts with no extra charge.

Absolutely No. Once you buy our contact append data you can use it multiple times for your marketing campaigns.


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